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Notice Marwood Parish Council Precept
- Notice on 7th February 2024 to Marwood Parish Council Residents

Dear All Residents,
Please note that the Precept for 2024/25 will remain the same as Last Year with no proposed increase.

Kind Regards
Miriam Fenwick (Mrs) Parish Clerk
For and on behalf of Marwood Parish Council

Closure of Barclays Bank Barnard Castle
- Letter/Email sent to All Town Councillors of Barnard Castle on 23rd January 2024  

Dear Sir/Madam,

With the unfortunate news about the closure of the Barnard Castle branch of Barclays Bank, I would just like to offer Marwood Parish Councils support moving forward if you were looking at starting a petition etc. As you know Barclays is the last remaining bank in town and the closure will severely affect both the local and wider community. There will also be no access to a 24hr cash machine with the remaining ones only being accessible during store opening hours.

I look forward to your reply.

Kind Regards
Adrian Mairs
Chairman Marwood Parish Council

Short-Term Road Closure on Town Pasture Lane and Resources About Support of Customers
- Information from Northumbrian Water

Please see attached a copy of a letter that will be landing on customers’ doormats in the area over the coming days. It relates a short-term road closure on Town Pasture Lane, as we work towards the laying of pipes as part of our Project Pipeline: County Durham and Tees Valley investment in our water networks. View document here.

I would also like to take this opportunity to share the following link with you, which contains a number of resources for helping to raise awareness of the various ways we can support customers who either need financial support or extra help at other times, such as when we are working near their homes, or when we have an interruption to water supply. The link contains downloadable materials that can be used in locations such as village or church halls, noticeboards etc, as well as social media posts that can help raise awareness of such things as our social tariffs and Priority Services Register.

NW share and support (

Paul White
Communications Consultant – Capital Delivery
6th October 2023

New Picnic Tables and Bramble Clearing

We have also been very busy down by the river. We have with help from Roger Peat and his volunteers and DCC cleared the area of brambles enabling visitors to have a clear view of the river while enjoying a picnic on our 4 new tables. They are made from recycled plastic with extended tops to enable wheels chair to sit comfortably and see the river. We hope to very soon have some signage in the town for visitors to enjoy our beautiful picnic area. 

Gardening Club

The parish council were delighted to accept an invitation to visit the gardening club for children at the Hub. A donation by the parish council given earlier this year has been well spent. The gardening club have ordered some raised beds due to be delivered very soon and have grown a variety of veg and herbs all ready for planting.

Councillors Pauline Shield and Pauline Glasper were given a tour around before planting some herbs on a giant clay head . The club meets on Monday afternoon after school and is very popular.  

For information about the club contact the Hub.

New Cherry Trees

The parish council have planted 2 cherry trees on a green area in High Riggs to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  On a blustery Sunday morning in March many resident attended the planting ceremony and raised a glass in honour of the Queen. We also raised our glasses to absent friends and talked of looking forward to a street party in June.

New Jubilee Planters

Four new colourful flower platers have been put up by Marwood Parish Council to celebrate the Queen's platinum jubilee. See Teesdale Mercury article:

News Update

The parish council have planted 2 cherry trees on a green area in High Riggs to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.  On a blustery Sunday morning in March many resident attended the planting ceremony and raised a glass in honour of the Queen. We also raised our glasses to absent friends and talked of looking forward to a street party in June.

News Update

The wild flower seeds scattered along the road side of Darlington Road have given a colourful display to the area and much pleasure to passers by. Those sitting on the new bench have enjoyed the numerous varieties of plants. The community garden on Castle Vale has brought residents together during lock-down and has been hailed as an amazing success. The garden original given to Marwood Parish Council by Taylor Wimpy when it built the Castle Vale Estate. The secluded area had a greenhouse compost bin and five raised beds, as well as a large green area.

Earlier this year the parish council decided to expand the growing area installing an additional five beds. Turf was stripped back to make way for the new beds with Pauline Glasper, chair - women of the Parish council and her husband Colin carrying out much of the work in less than ideal weather conditions. She said: "All the materials were paid for by the council and Colin and I did the work. It has allowed the council to offer each gardener two beds plus shared access to the shed and greenhouse  and the success has been amazing. "I'm really thrilled people have taken to it. "The families that have beds have started a WhatsApp group and the variety of produce they have managed to grow looks incredible".

"The community garden,  as it's named, has brought together all ages and by sharing knowledge, teaching the next generation new skills and making friends has proved to be a very successful addition by the parish council". Recently the council have built a seat along side the community garden for residents and gardeners to sit and socialise.

Donation to the Victoria Road Surgery

Marwood parish council donated £100 to the Victoria Road surgery. In the picture councillor Pauline Glasper is handing cheque to Dr Carter and as a thank you to the staff for all their hard work during the pandemic. There were also two goodie boxes full of various treats. The Clerk Mirium Fenwick helped to deliver.

MPC Have had a Very Busy April...

The old notice board (55yrs) has been replaced with a recycled plastic one that needs no maintenance. It is still situated at the entrance to High Rigg. We have fitted a bench (again recycled plastic) on Darlington Road, beside the daffodils planted by Mr. Barry Parker and Mr. Alan Jenkins.

We have also donated £100's worth of wildflower seeds to go along the road side boarder like the daffodils.

Mile Stone on Darlington Road

A resident of Darlington Road contacted the parish council on Tuesday to ask if the mile Stone near their home could be cleaned and repainted. Action was taken and while the weather permitted the stone was refurbished within 2 days.

Exciting News - 5 New Beds for Garden Plot at Castle Vale 2021

The parish council have been very busy doubling the number of plots in Castle Vale Community Garden in time for the new growing season. We removed some turf then made 5 new plots. 5 people now have 2 beds each in which to grow whatever they like along with shared access to the greenhouse and shed.

New Defibrillator Located at Marwood Social Centre

We have now purchased a Defibrillator for Marwood Social Centre it is on the outside wall next to the entrance and it is now up and working.

Scams awareness info from DCC Trading Standards

Durham Trading Standards have become aware of cold callers trying to sell goods on the doorstep in various areas of the County. In some cases, their approach has been persistent, causing both upset and annoyance. While it is not an offence to simply cold call, we would always urge residents to be extremely cautious when dealing with unsolicited visitors.

Some top tips to keep yourself and others safe:

• DON’T accept uninvited callers
• DON’T be afraid to say ‘No’
• DON’T be rushed or feel pressured. Genuine traders will always be happy to return when a friend or family member is present

• DO keep an eye on your area and especially vulnerable neighbours. Has work started unexpectedly on their homes? Is the work visibly poor or been left unfinished? Is the person anxious about what has happened? Has a trader accompanied them to the bank?
• DO report suspicious cold callers to the Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 11 33 or to the police on 101

Learn more about how to protect yourself and others from scams by becoming a Friend Against Scams at:

Follow Durham Trading Standards on Facebook at for updates on local scams affecting your community, consumer awareness campaigns and top tips on how to avoid becoming a victim of a scammer.

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